The Java-based Reliability Library

Download and Recommended Use

Please consider downloading, embedding, or forking JReliability depending on your intended use:

First-time Users and Try Out

You are new to reliability analysis and/or JReliability and you want to check its features and/or follow the tutorial:

  1. Download the .zip or .tar file provided in the latest JReliability release.
  2. Unzip JReliability
  3. Navigate into bin folder and start with jreliability.sh (Linux/Unix) or jreliability.bat (Windows)
  4. Note: The intended use for JReliability is to be part of your project and/or your model of a system.

Using JReliability in Your Project

You want to use JReliability in your own project:

Making Changes and/or Become a Contributor

The JReliability source code is available at https://github.com/sdarg/JReliability.git. We strongly recommend that you fork JReliability on GitHub. For more information on how to become a contributor, please check the JReliability README on Github.